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Winter Season Roof Snow Removal

The winter season can be one of the hardest on your roof. Living in areas that get heavy snowfall amounts can be dangerous for your roof, your home and your family.  The heavy weight of accumulated snow can cause structural damage or even lead to disastrous situations such as the roof collapsing.  

It’s important to keep large amounts of snow off of your roof, but sometimes that is easier said than done.  First of all even trying to get on your roof in the midst of ice and snow can be dangerous, then adding to it walking around a slick roof and the potential hazard of cold shingles cracking and breaking can be a recipe for disaster.  Not only that, but removing ice improperly can cause damage to your gutters and the edging of your roof which can then cause additional problems, damage and expense.  At the same time, if something is not done to remove the snow and ice, damage can be done to the shingles and gutters simply from the weight.

As stated earlier, working on roofs and ladders is extremely dangerous even in the best of weather, but factor in ice, wind and snow and the hazardous level goes up exponentially.  For those who are not physically able or who don’t understand exactly what needs to be done and how to do it or just someone simply uncomfortable with the idea of being on a slick roof, it is much safer to hire a roofing professional to do the job for you.  At Ronningen Roofing, our highly experienced roofers know the dangers and take every precaution to not only keep themselves safe but your roof safe as well.  We can remove ice and snow for you and make sure your roof is stable so your family can safely enjoy the winter season.