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What does a Roofing Contractor have to do with selling your Minnesota home?

So, you are thinking of putting your house on the market.  If you have noticed your roofing is looking a little worn, maybe the gutters are wobbly or just not doing their job as well as they should, it might be time to think about investing in a new roof or new gutters.

Remember, when you are selling your house, first impressions are everything.  The potential buyer’s excitement in buying a new home is either increased or falls flat the second they drive up to your house.  If your roofing is curling or buckling, discolored or damaged, the sound of the cash register bell goes off in the potential buyer’s head as they add how much that repair is going to cost them.  In like manner if the gutters are hanging down, rusted or the back boards are rotted, the first thought is cost.  Why not consider replacing the roof or sprucing up the gutters.  It is important to stay competitive in the market and this can help to give a crisp, clean feel to your home and also give you a good return on your investment.

Not only does replacing the roof give added curb appeal, it gives added security to the structure of the house, walls, ceilings and all the contents.  A run down or poorly maintained roof can give buyers little confidence that the rest of the house has been cared for and maintained.  A new roof can indicate to buyers that there has been care put into this home.  You may come to find that the addition of a new roof gets you a much faster sale at a better price than expected.

In deciding what to do it is best to talk with a professional roofing contractor.  Ronnigan Roofing has been in business since 1998, helping to increase curb appeal in areas such as Spring Valley, Minnesota.  Our team of professionals will take the time necessary to answer all of your questions and concerns, even give you a written estimate that we guarantee will have no surprise changes.  Allow us to give your home the curb appeal that will put a smile on buyers’ faces.

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